Business class telephony that simply delivers

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is the delivery of telephone solutions directly over the internet with no need for an additional dedicated phone line.

A cloud based VoIP solution hosted by Avon IT could provide your company with a feature rich, cost effective and reliable business class platform prov-en to deliver.

UK based data centers to host your managed phone system means no additional on site equipment is required, potentially reducing your initial set up costs substantially.

Our call plans are also very competitive, you can purchase call 'minutes' directly from us and 'top up' as required, or use one of our pay monthly plans.

So, why move over to VoIP?

The main advantage to any business choosing VoIP is cost, your calls are made over the internet so there is no need to pay for a phone line, recent studies show companies saving up to 40% on calls once moving over to VoIP.

In addition to saving you money, VoIP solutions can provide your business with new capabilities with how you manage your calls, a complete list of features provided by a VoIP system would be dozens of pages long but below are what we consider to be the top 3.

Virtual numbers are telephone numbers that forward incoming calls to any of a number of pre set telephone numbers. These are also called a follow me number, a virtual telephone number or (in the UK) Personal Number. With virtual numbers companies can specify phone numbers for each of their offices without paying for dedicated phone lines at every site.

Call routing, with call routing any inbound call can be transferred to multiple devices of choice, so you never have to miss that call again. This means if your office phone rings but you are not there, the same call can ring to your mobile device, your Ipad or even your laptop.

Conference calls and video conferencing have both become an important way for businesses to communicate, not only between offices but on a global scale and today such systems can support an unlimited number of simultaneous users.